About Clint

Ask yourself: Do I really care what this page says? Does it matter one whit what a man writes about himself? If the answer is yes, read on. If no: Fuck You.

Clint Knapp is a professional nothing. He’s had a few shitty part-time jobs in his life and they were all meaningless bullshit with no purpose, no joy, and not even all that much money. He doesn’t like doing things with no joy or purpose, and as such writing is about the only thing he really does like the idea of doing for a living.

However, Clint has not sold anything yet and therefore remains a hobbyist at best. He started this stupid blog because he woke up bored one morning after having spent the entire previous day reading the backlog of a friend’s blog and feeling moderately inspired to give it a shot.

Clint makes no guarantees you will like anything he writes, but he doesn’t really care either. It’s here. Deal with it.