It’s Lost.

No, not my mind. That thing has been missing for ages. I’m talking, of course, of TANIS.

I’m all caught up now, and as the podcast progressed I grew a little less enthusiastic about the creative blending of fact and fiction to invent a mystery and the “myth of Tanis” for one very simple reason:

It’s the plot of Lost.

Seriously. TANIS, the podcast’s mythical location, has magical powers to heal, can only be accessed in special ways, moves around, has some terrifying aspects, and a mysterious cabin that could be TANIS itself or just a location within the greater spooky-zone of TANIS.

Oh, and there’s a cult that worships/seeks it, a group of scientists who want to study it (two, actually), and people who go in sometimes don’t come out and are presumed/actually dead in the real world. Electronics don’t work right in TANIS, either.

While the telling is still entertaining, and the narrative and production are well done, it’s become rather clear at this point the whole thing is really a riff on Lost with a tighter cast, a stronger horror theme, and fewer dead-end plot threads.

There is a bright side, of course. No Evangeline Lily over-acting to make up for a total lack of talent, for one. Nic Silver’s performance is solid, and his plucky internet sleuth Meerkatnip (MK later on) does well too, but some of the side characters give rather wooden reads as they’re clearly not as invested in the production as Nic or as familiar with the story. At several places they sound like they’re actually reading separately and being spliced together.

Still. Better than Jack and Kate crying about everything.


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